Videojet DataFlex® 6330


What’s Good About It

• Offers maximizes uptime advantage with iAssure integrated code quality assurance technology.
• Improve uptime and provide a more productive operation by helping to reduce time spent on quality checks, waste and rework.
• Considered medium speed thermal transfer overprinter that offers print speeds of up to 750 mm/s and throughputs up to 250 ppm.

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Code Assurance
• iAssure Technology automatically detects common print defects, reducing unwanted waste or reworked product and additional manpower time to correct the error.
• CLARiTY software helps ensure the right code is consistently printed on the right product.

Uptime Advantage
• Intelligent Motion Technology removes the need for compressed air and associated costs, maximizing consistent print quality and printhead life.
• High ribbon capacity and a variety of ribbon economy modes maximising the time between ribbon changeovers.
• Industry leading simple change cassette is designed for fast ribbon replacement.

Simple Usability
• Designed to withstand tough production line environments.
• Minimal wear parts are easy to change out that improving production line uptime.
• Compact design fits on almost all production lines.
• Simple operator interface.

Built-in Productivity
• The electronics printhead control eliminates the need for compressed air.
• Code quality is automatically maintained and avoids the risk of operators over-adjusting conventional air and energy settings.
• Quick change printhead and minimal wear parts reduce the time production is interrupted when replacement are required.
• Easy to load cassette.