Videojet® 8610


What’s Good About It

• Utilizes a revolutionary, purpose-built cartridge designed to use MEK fluids.
• Requires printing of crisp, repeatable codes on foils, films, plastics and coated stocks.
• Ideally suited for applications in food processing, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals.
• Combines high-resolution printing of customer-facing and supply chain information with incredibly simple operation.

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Code Assurance
• Advanced software virtually eliminates set-up errors.
• Range of customer-selectable rules and permissions that simplify message selection and help prevent operator error.

Uptime Advantage
• New print array with each cartridge change ensuring peak performance.
• No wear parts or maintenance consumables and calibration procedures.
• Designed and tested for 99.9% availability.
• Rugged industrial design made to withstand challenging production environments.

Simple Usability
• Innovative combination of thermal inkjet simplicity with industrial-grade ink performance for a range of substrates.
• Quick and easy cartridge change in 15 seconds or less.
• Minimal maintenance procedures – none technically demanding.
• Icon-based controller with easy menu navigation that simplifies operator interaction.

Built-in Productivity
• Cartridge Readiness System prevents ink from drying in the nozzles during production interruptions, providing clean, repeatable codes with virtually no operator intervention.
• Controller drives up to two 12.7mm tall cartridges to enable printing in two locations or to allow more content.