Videojet® 7340/7440

Fiber Laser Marker


What’s Good About It

• 20-Watt and 30-Watt fiber lasers are the first to feature the Lightfoot marking head, making them easy to integrate, operate and service.
• The Lightfoot marking head is one of a kind, smallest in the industry both in size and weight, and IP69 rated for use in washdown and harsh environments.
• Designed to deliver high quality, permanent codes for a wide range of marking applications are an ideal solution for parts-marking, food, beverage, consumer packaged goods, pharmaceutical and cosmetics manufacturers who have space limitations, are looking for simple integrations or do frequent rapid changeovers.

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Code Assurance
• Control the laser through a range of familiar, easy-to-use Videojet user interfaces, reducing operator training needs and the risk of product rework and recalls.
• Benefits from simple operation, message creation and reduced operator errors with the Videojet Touch Control Software (TCS+) or the Videojet CLARiTY laser controller.

Uptime Advantage
• Achieve simple integration, reduced installation costs and an increased freedom of positioning with an industry-first, compact fiber laser marking head.
• Simplify laser head adjustment and positioning with reduced laser head mounting bracketry.
• Easily migrate to a laser marking solution, with the added benefit of reduced consumables.
• Reduce the need for additional housing or equipment with a water and dust tight IP69 laser marking head, facilitating worry-free usage in washdown and harsh environments.

Simple Usability
• Achieve easy set-up and fast product changeovers with the integrated pilot beam focus finder that can reflect the code and actual size of the marking field.
• Benefit from easy serviceability with the ability to quickly remove or replace the fiber laser unit either on the production line or within complex machinery.
• Focus more on production and less on user interaction and maintenance with an easy-to-use laser solution that is intuitive to the operator without the need for additional training.

Built-In Productivity
• Mark up to 2,000 characters per second.
• Get closer to the product with the smallest fiber laser marking head on the market.
• Benefit from easier, faster and precise focal distance during line or product changeover with pilot beam-based focal alignment installation process.