Videojet® 3640 CO2


What’s Good About It

• Unique serialized information which consists of an individual code and more information per product.
• Up to 2,100 characters per second, coding at the highest speeds.
• Easy, seamless coding on a variety of materials like plastic, cardboard or paper.
• Fully focused on providing more code content from faster data without compromising line speeds.

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Uptime Advantage
• Increase throughput with 60 watts of power that optimized for high-speed and high-volume production lines.
• Maximize printer availability with long-life, air-cooled laser sources that virtually eliminate maintenance intervals.
• Optional VideojetConnect Remote Service allows access to Videojet experts to help improve productivity and troubleshoot potential issues.

Industrial Design Engineered for High Performance
• Suitable for hardsh environments where dust and humidity are challenges and where the system is regularly washed down.
• Available with an ingress protection level of IP65.
• Designed for 24/7 operation in beverage, food, pharmaceutical and tobacco line.

Flexibility and Simple Usability
• Compact, highest-powered laser marking system in the industry.
• Easily integrate the laser marking system even into production lines that have space limitations.
• Largest marking field reduces the number of lasers that are required to cover multiple-lane/wide web applications, reducing investment and running cost.