Videojet® 3340 CO2


What’s Good About It

• High-speed capability allows for marking 150,000 products per hour.
• Large selection of marking windows offers optimally matched applications for faster marking.
• Optional CLARiTY Laser Controller offers software features that helps reduce operator error.
• Flexible integration solution with 32 standard beam delivery options.

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Uptime Advantage
• Laser tube designed with larger gas volume has optimzed air-cooling to provide operational life of over 45,000 hours.
• Optional IP65 makes printer suitable for harsh environments without need for plant air.
• CLARiTY Laser Controller reduces operator errors, helping to ensure products are coded correctly and advanced productivity tools identify the root cause of downtime events to make sustainable process improvements.

Industrial Design Engineered for High Performance
• Highly focused laser beams achieve better performance (mark contrast) than other laser solutions without needing higher power.
• Three available laser wavelengths, 4 marking heads and 13 lenses for optimal code quality on specific materials.
• High speed communication and buffering of variable data content delivers improved character formation, over other laser solutions for customers who don’t need the top speed.

Flexibility and Simple Usability
• Largest marking field (up to 600mm width) offers optimally matched applications for faster marking, increasing discrete product throughput or marking multiple messages across a wide wed application using only one laser.
• 32 standard beam delivery options for integrating the laser marking system into packaging or filling equipment can help produce the best system uptime.
• Focus finer tool for quick set up of accurate focal distance and detachable umbilical for easy integration and line changeover.