Videojet® 1880HR


What’s Good About It
  • Built on the 1880 + platform and equipped with unique connectivity capabilities, the 1880 HR produces high-resolution characters at the smallest scale, through optimized fonts, a redesigned printhead, and advanced hydraulics
  • With a low-maintenance design, this printer has been engineered to meet your needs for 2D, QR, and track and trace coding
  • The 1880 HR was developed to ensure the most reliable and consistent codes for various applications, including electronics, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and confectionery
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High-resolution micro codes at optimum quality

  • Remarkable code quality down to 1.2mm in height at speeds up to 300 meters per minute
  • Up to three lines of micro-sized print and complex 2D codes, ideal for applications where legibility is critical and print space is limited
  • Exceptional print quality and specialized QR code fonts deliver high-quality codes for traceability

Unleash precision and performance

  • Compact printhead design for optimized drop positioning and superior jet stability optimizes print performance
  • Updated auto modulation routines and advanced hydraulics help ensure consistent code quality throughout the production run
  • Real-time viscosity measurements enable precise drop control at high speeds for crisp, clear codes

Maximize uptime

  • Innovative ink build-up sensor alerts users so you only clean the printhead when needed, optimizing uptime
  • Convenient auto-rinse feature ensures a hassle-free, consistent, and efficient printhead cleaning process with a simple click
  • Long interval between intervention and fewer touches minimizes maintenance downtime

Leverage enhanced connectivity

  • Built-in Wi-Fi and cellular* connectivity provide easy and secure wireless communications
  • VideojetConnectTM Remote Service automates troubleshooting and simplifies remote operations
  • Intelligent I/O capabilities help deliver seamless integration into production environments