Videojet® 1580 C

What’s Good About It
  • The 1580 C is a dedicated soft-pigmented contrast printer that performs and behaves like a standard dye-based printer
  • It delivers industry-first performance using opaque soft-pigmented inks, providing superior uptime and enabling you to achieve your marking and coding objectives both now and in the future
  • The 1580 C has similar maintenance requirements and running time to a standard CIJ printer, due to design innovations in our hydraulics, printhead, and cartridge
  • Based on our tried and trusted Videojet 1580 inkjet printer platform, the 1580 C has a similar design, with many of the same great features
  • The 1580 C is one of the simplest CIJ printers to operate and maintain, and was designed to print consistently high-quality codes with strong contrast
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Behaves like a standard CIJ printer

  • The 1580 C has the same cleaning cycles and preventive maintenance requirements as a dye-based printer, and uses similar filters as the rest of the Videojet CIJ range
  • Planned maintenance can take place every 5000 hours – using soft-pigmented inks doesn’t require more frequent maintenance
  • A new, patented cartridge design helps reduce common problems such as pigment settling, which can create blockage and lead to printhead clogging
  • A new design helps the printhead to stay clean longer, reducing production downtime and allowing for longer time between cleanings

Maintains code quality and contrast

  • The 1580 C was specifically designed to print codes with consistent quality and contrast that remain readable and don’t fade over time
  • With a new formula that reduces the settling rate, our soft-pigmented inks have been designed to deliver more uptime
  • The conical mixer tank design improves ink recirculation, reducing pigment settling
  • Videojet Dynamic Calibration automatically maintains superior print quality, for optimum uptime even under changing environmental conditions

Easy to maintain

  • The Videojet SIMPLICiTY™ user interface delivers code assurance out of the box, with error-proofing rules that define editable fields, permissible data types, date range restrictions, and more, greatly reducing printer interactions and potential user errors
  • The Videojet OPTIMiZE tool allows the 1580 C to assess a variety of printer parameters, helping to manage the ink and make-up usage, calculate future fluids forecast, and determine power wastage

Future-proof connectivity

  • The 1580 C is ready to meet modern printing challenges and whatever the future needs of Industry 4.0 are likely to demand
  • An integrated Wi-Fi antenna allows the printer to connect to an internal network and have greater mobility, with no need for LAN cables or hard wiring
  • Webserver capability allows operators to access printers via supported web browsers on host computers, with up to five web server sessions allowed for each printer