Videojet® BX6500/6600

Commercial Addressing Printer


What’s Good About It

• Maximizes line throughput and production quality with Videojet LifeCycle Advantage.
• Fast drying inks allow the products to be marked permanently.
• High reliability and durability to increase the productivity in order to reduce the downtime from occuring.

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Exceptional Throughput On Even The Most Complex Jobs​
• Provides one or two printhead(s) with 2 in (51 mm) print band(s) running at speeds up to 1970 fpm (600 mpm).
• A single Crescendo Controller can control one or two BX6500/6600 cabinets with up to four printheads.
• Dual job capability to place each head on a separate line – both controlled by one Crescendo controller or complete a single job in half the time.

Fast-Drying Inks To Print On A Broad Range Of Materials
• A wide variety of fast-drying inks are available, ranging from low VOC acetone to MEK.
• Print capabilities that include printing on aqueous coated, UV coated and other difficult-to-print high gloss stocks.

High Reliability Plus Durability Equals High Productivity
• Designed to last the life of the system, the BX6500/6600 Series printheads are built to last and not be “consumable” items.
• BX6500/6600 series printers are designed to withstand the most rugged applications.
• System includes corrosion and solvent resistant stainless steel IP5X-rated cabinet and printheads.