Videojet® 9550

Print and Apply Labelling Printer


What’s Good About It

• Targets zero unscheduled downtime and reduces costs in case coding operations.
• Automatic, precise control of the entire system together with Direct Apply label placement.
• Single intuitive interface simplifies operation.
• Built-in Code Assurance reduces operator errors.

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Uptime Advantage​
• Zero mechanical adjustments during day-to-day operation.
• Optimizes maintenance labor by eliminating more than 80% of wear parts.
• Never miss a label, with self-adjusting label placement to accommodate varying line speeds, throughput and package sizes.
• Improve throughput during build-back with Direct Apply labeling up to 150 packs per minute for typical 4”x6” labels.
• Additional applicator models (Telescopic-Tamp, Front of Pack and Corner Wrap) to fit a range of applicatonsAdditional applicator models (Telescopic-Tamp, Front of Pack and Corner Wrap) to fit a range of applicatons.

CLARiTY Interface Reduce Operator Errors
• Virtually eliminate coding errors with built-in Code Assurance software features.
• Minimize operator touches with on-board label database for accurate job selection.
• Automate barcode creation by linking data from multiple text fields.
• On-screen diagnostics track performance and help achieve sustainable OEE improvements.

Simple Usability
• Virtually eliminate label jams and simplify set-up with Direct Apply for mainstream top or side applications.
• Minimize misapplied and snapped labels with on-demand Direct Apply using no plant air.
• Perform label and ribbon changes in less than 60 seconds through simple web path.
• Quickly check status and select jobs with single, intuitive interface that makes operation easy.