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Happy employees are the very foundation that makes a happy working environment within a company, and company annual trips are one of the things that can bring moments of joy and happiness to us.

Location: Salang Beach, Tioman Island
Date: 14th September 2019 – 16th September 2019
Participants: Management & Staff from Puchong, Melaka, Johor and Penang

Escape from the Hustle and Bustle of City Life

Tioman Island, a tropical paradise hailed as one of the world’s 10 most beautiful islands. Where crystal – clear blue water sweeps across white sandy beaches and thick rain tree forest remains untouched. Salang Beach is an excellent strip of sand with great visibility for snorkeling and it is located at southern end of the Tioman Island.

Exploring the many wonders that await us down below the surface! Snorkeling is just about the most popular activity on the island. All of us get to take snorkeling trip to the uninhabited islands like Coral Island or Renggis Island. Beautiful coral formations can also be seen throughout the area as well as a series of intriguing formations and colorful fishes that you may not have seen anywhere else.

Our Guide giving “Useful Tips Before Snorkeling”.

Team Building

Taking everyone to Tioman Island for a retreat is a great choice in terms of location and amenities, and afternoons spent outside team building will serve the group well. “Spoon Feeding” – give players a spoon and a ping pong and have each of them run a short distance without dropping it. Ramp up the challenge by having players put the end of the spoon in their mouth. All teams participate to the best of their ability as cheers and laughter erupt!

Spoon Feeding Game

“Spoon Feeding” Activity

Team Building

Champion Team

Designed for all of us to achieve success together through fun and healthy active participation. Building a strong team can’t happen without effort. We can have a team that meshes organically, but in order to cultivate a team that supports each other through and through, we all need to reinforce relationships with team-building activities. When we get back into the office, we will be recharged and ready to produce more effectively than ever!

Teamwork creates Dreamwork

Company retreat is the perfect chance for us to hang out together outside of office and pick up skills relevant and beneficial to our organisation in a relaxed, casual setting. Not only that, a trip outside your company allows for constructive feedback, opinions and criticisms to be voiced more freely, which can be applied and improved upon post-company trip.

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